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"More daguerreotypes to be found on the net! A new website was recently launched by Mike Medhurst. mikemedhurst.com features 19th century images and documents with a focus on daguerreotypes as well as images of the American Civil War. Mike has been actively buying and selling Daguerreotypes for the past 12 years. A member of the Daguerreian Society, Mike has one of the largest inventories of daguerreotypes for sale in the Midwest. The site is updated every few days making frequent visitors certain to find new and exciting images. A visit to the new arrivals page will make finding the newest listings a breeze."


"Greg French has been offering fine antique photographs for sale since 1993 in various venues including antique shops, shows and ebay. He's worked with private clients and institutions, matching their 'wants' with their budgets, a challenge he finds rewarding. He launched his website in the Summer of 2008 in response to demands for higher quality images."