Sixth Plate



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"LOUIS DEERFIELD" . . . Was penciled in a modern hand on a second paper seal on the back of the newly restored sixth plate dag. That tape and the inscription remain adhered to the copper. Louis was a ruggedly handsome smiling fellow when he taken circa 1850. His rather cavalier pose, with an arm resting across the top of a small wooden chair and his effervescent eyes are extraordinarily compelling, don’t you think? The soft spot across his lower chest caused Mr. Deerfield’s metallic watch fob to sparkle. His handsome face was crisp and well defined by the overhead brightness that entered the operating room. The likeness, kept in a full leather case with one brass latch missing, changes hues as the dashing subject is admired. A couple scrapes visible on his jacket near his hand were present when the piece was produced circa 1852. There is a mold mite near Deerfield’s head and excellent patina inside the scalloped mat.

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