Dag Pin



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OUR COUNTRY'S FATHER! While I don’t know who painted the original of George Washington, I immediately recognized his high forehead and snowy white mane when this tiny delicate daguerreotype copy placed into a piece of jewelry was initially handed to me at a recent photo show. I have made a very high-resolution scan that reveals both marks on the surface and in the beautifully beveled oval glass. The myriad of white dots is under the glass. While I certainly lack the expertise necessary to comment on the overall condition of the dag keepsake, I will suggest that at least two of those exquisitely matched pearls on the left side have been replaced or certainly repaired. Never the less, when the miniature measuring .75 inches by 1-inch rests in the palm of your hand or pinned to clothing it will absolutely sparkle. The hinge, latch and pin on the reverse are intact and fully functional!

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