Sixth Plate



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WHAT I KNOW. Mother and child were beautifully bathed with overhead brightness after a daguerreotypist with a tremendous sense of artistic posing placed the pair as we see them. The double-silvered mirror had been expertly prepared and the duo were kindly instructed on the art of arrangement to insure a successful sixth plate daguerreotype. Once the exposure was completed, their maker framed them with a wide opening double elliptical mat that revealed the edge of the backdrop and maybe a small column. Of course I want to tell you all that Southworth & Hawes orchestrated this marvelous likeness but I can’t be certain. As you see, there is wild colorful oxidation and many mold spiders mostly across the bottom of the piece, along with one large fingerprint. The complete leather case does not seem original to the dag, which is archivally resealed. Their faces touched each other. They were so perfectly sculpted!

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