Sixth Plate



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AN EXPERT’S OPINION! I shared this professionally re-cleaned and archivally sealed (by Casey) sixth plate daguerreotype with a person from the Smithsonian Institution's National Anthropological Archives. After examining the extremely rare artifact it was suggested that the subjects were members of an Indian tribe most likely in upstate New York or further west as far as Michigan. Obviously, the woman had lived a long life. She was seated next to her granddaughter or maybe even the very proud and happy girl was a great granddaughter. She held a small tinted flower that was placed in a clay vessel. Obviously, there was great significance in that plant, but alas I know not what it was. The pair were taken outdoors in front of a very wrinkled backdrop. It appears that both the ancient lady and the little lass wore decorative adornments that might have been partially made from metallic objects. They shimmered in the brightness of the sun. There are various marks in the silver as seen in my reproduction. The daguerreotype conveys great strength and companionship between the subjects. It is lovely to behold when the complete leather case is opened.

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