Sixth Plate



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SO MUCH HAIR! Because the circa 1846 archivally sealed sixth sized sensational sitter’s portrait had a narrow brass protector on top of the unusual black arched paper mat with a decorative gold border and the glass was totally filthy I didn't notice that "CHASE" was stamped in the bottom center until I carefully dismantled the marvelous highly holographic likeness. While I am uncertain which of the two brothers who hailed from nearby Kensington NH, Ezra or Lorenzo made the image, I can tell you that aside from those harsh buff marks across the top of the little boy’s head this is a superlative impression on silver. Both siblings are listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as having galleries in Boston when the child was taken. He was a determined lad seated so stoically in front of the lens that was focused with such excellence that every detail in the kid’s face and outfit were revealed with great sharpness. Could the fantastic illumination have rendered the subject any better? The contrast and tonality were both magnificent. This then was the highest pinnacle that could have been achieved at the time, during the halcyon days of daguerreotypy. Wait, I’m not quite finished. Please observe the second scan for a peek at one of the finest and rarest leather cases that was ever made for a fine dag!

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