Sixth Plate



D19-204    Terms of Sale

DAG MAN DID THE DEED! I always wonder, when I acquire a compelling restored sixth plate dag and there is something so blatantly wrong with the portrait, as seen in this “moveable" exposure, why the daguerreian actually permitted the piece to leave his studio. Could he have been so exasperated that he didn’t even care that he either moved the camera or nudged the plate somehow while the lens was uncapped? The youthful lass looked very pained almost to distraction while the children simply were resigned to the visit. Oh, to have been in the room. Plentiful patina frames the trio. Those dots in the lower corner are in the natural hues. Faint mat marks are on the right. Pale red was painted on each female’s cheeks. A complete leather case contains this naturally flawed masterpiece.

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