Quarter Plate



D18-93    Terms of Sale

HER PRECIOUS BEAUTY . . . was sensationally recorded for posterity on this archivally preserved quarter plate. It originally came to me with the wrong mat shape so I placed an oval brass frame mat on the plate. The complete black leather push button case is also not original. Her attractive face still remains a hint of the original applied color, that the day she sat for her likeness, must have been even more vibrant. Those long, loosely coiled strands of hair frame the shape of the gal’s face. Her soft, luxurious eyes watched something beyond the camera’s plane. Notice that the lass’s weight was shifted off-center onto that arm resting on a nearly hidden tabletop. The daguerreian who presented the image to his client was a master of the art. At certain angles there are wispy lines that may be polishing marks. There is one finger wipe above her left shoulder in the neutral cloth background. The holographic depth plus the contrast is very impressive. Faint patina and mat marks are also visible. Any other specks are meaningless.

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