Sixth Plate



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UNUSUAL VIGNETTE, UNUSUAL SUBJECT. She has the feel of an unwell child, draped in a shawl like that. Was there a closely monitoring nurse or mother nearby that the daguerreotypist masked out under the black? Whatever the case, I think the image is a copy. The two marks above her head are not on this plate and one is UNDER the mask on this one. There is an errant buff mark across her face, but I can’t tell if it’s on the original or this image. Her face and lips are tinted pink. The dag is just a hair not sharp enough, which also is always a clue to being a copy. All that said, it’s an incredibly haunting image and the presentation makes me wonder if this version was made after the girl had died. There are a few mold spiders at the lower right. The sixth plate image is resealed, although not by us. She comes in a whole case.

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