In Memoriam

Dennis A. Waters
Daguerreotype by Casey A. Waters, 2009

Dennis Waters, our amazingly wonderful dad, died at home of a vicious liver cancer on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. He was only diagnosed 8 weeks ago prior. He was the best dad, the best husband, the best photo dealer, simply the best. His laugh filled a room - large rooms. You could find him in a crowded ballroom by his laughter. As so many of you know, he loved to share his daguerreian knowledge and loved dags with such a passion to the end. We will miss him so much. My family is devastated as are so many of his near and dear friends and fellow daguerreotype lovers. And they are legion. As per his wishes, there won’t be a formal funeral, but when it is safe, we will have a celebration of life party here in Exeter so more about that later.

Peace, Erin & Casey

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