Half Plate



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WHO WAS . . . This class of young women individually daguerreotyped most likely in the same location in the mid-1850s then elaborately framed and re-daguerreotyped on this splendid recently conserved half plate example? While the pattern used as a filler in the lower right corner works I guess, too bad an exterior view of their school wasn’t included. No further information came with the wonderful plate that is kept inside a complete leather case. The bright green embossed pad opposite the classmates resonates. The thirteen young women’s hairstyles and clothing range from revealing, especially the cute gal upper left, to conservative. I don’t think I need to point out those girls. One green dot, a few mold spiders along with patina and a few other meaningless specks are on the very vivid silvery surface. Not only was each original portrait executed in a professional manner is a studio that was equipped with a skylight but this copy was also exceptionally produced. I wonder if each student ordered one? And maybe the head mistress was presented with an example as a thank you, either from the daguerreotypist or her youthful charges.

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