Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes
The Antechamber

New images posted May 13. Offers begin immediately.

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A-169. NOW THAT'S A DRESS! This sixth plate ambro comes in a whole case. The ambro is in fantastic condition and has a clarity that lacks in most ambrotypes. The blacks and whites are crisp and the tinting is subtle. $525

SNAP-1350. SHE JUST WANDERED IN. This snapshot measures 4 x 6 and is in good condition with some light marks and minor soiling. That girl was the rebel of the group. She wasn't going to pose with the rest of them. $75
CC-994. A WEDDING FAN. This is a well-done montage image. The woman in the center wears a wedding veil. The photographer was Oyloe of Brookings, South Dakota. The photo is in good condition with some light marks. $150
SNAP-1347. BIRCH TREES AND A SMILE. This little snap measures 3.5 x 2.5. The image has some light marks and a bend at the lower right corner. $22
CDV-994. JANUARY 1st 1863. This CDV has no photographer's ID. The CDV is trimmed on all sides. The photo has some light marks and fade. The pose is quite nice. Something was written on the one book, but I can't made out what it says. $65
T-1066. OUT FOR A RIDE. This tintype measures 4.25 x 6.25. The surface doesn't have a lot of marks, but there is a bend at the right center. I also want to draw attention to the road's surface. That must have been one bumpy ride! $125
CC-960. WISCONSIN BROTHERS. This image is in good condition. $18
SNAP-1348. OFF ON A VOYAGE. This snap measures 3.5 x 5. The photo is in good condition. I like the framing. $25
OP-1360. SCHOOL PORTRAIT. This albumen photo measures 3.25 x 5. I've seen a few like them over the years. The kids all appear to be elementary school age. A few teachers stick out in the crowd. The image has some light marks and soiling. $40
CC-871. INSTANTANEOUS TRIPLEX. It's amazing how many different types of photos there were. I'd never seen this kind of image before, at least labeled as such. The photographer was Rockwood of New York City. The image is a bit faded and has some light marks. I like her smile. $50
CDV-995. PAIR BY BRADY. What a difference a colorist makes! The tinted CDV is has some light marks on the surface and a nick at the upper left corner. The other image has some soiling and is trimmed at the top. The back of the tined image has information for the colorist. The woman was Amanda H. Armstrong. $85
OP-1358. TWO VERSIONS. Each of these photos measures 6.5 x 4.5. They are in good condition. There is a pencil note on the back that says it was French Creek in Cambridge Springs, PA. $125
T-1067. PORTRAIT WITH ALBUM. This tintype is regular sized. The image is in good condition with some light marks. It's difficult to tell what kind of photos are in the album. They are cabinet card sized. $50
RPPC-987. JUST A FEW APPLES. It looks like the photographer even shined them up first. The image has some light marks. It was mailed in 1915. $55
CC-995. GIRL HUGGING DOG. This cabinet card is a cute one. The photographers were Coombs and Fowler of Sharon, PA. The image is in good condition with some light marks. $75
OP-1359. NICE WINDOW PROP. This photo measures 6 x 9. The photo is in good condition with some light marks. The photographer was Sands Studio in Royersford, PA. $45
A-170. CRISP COUPLE. This sixth plate ambrotype is very well made. The image is in nice condition. It comes in a whole case but the bottom of the case has a lot of wear. $75
SNAP-1349. BOYS AND THEIR PETS. Most of the shots feature a bunny, but there is one kitty. The snapshots measure 5.25 x 3.5. The images are in good condition with some light marks. I wonder if the cat and rabbit got along? $65
CC-874. TEACHER AND STUDENTS. This IOWA image is in good condition. The teacher wears a photo button his lapel. It looks like a little boy. $60
SNAP-872. These images are about 3.5 x 5.5. Each has some light marks and wrinkles. There are notes on the backs of 3 of them but I can't make out all the words. The gist seems to be that the photos were for someone, the same someone who wrote the letter she's reading. The headboard is certainly impressive. $135