Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes
The Antechamber

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CC-1079 ALL BUNDLED UP. This little kid got photographed at Seeley & Warnock in Bridgeport, CT. The image is in good condition with some light marks. $28

T-1031 COLD DAY. Maybe they were too cold to even take of their hats? The image is in good condition with some light marks. $25
OP-1290 TWO POSES. If you look closely, he's wearing a photo pin of a woman under his lapel. The sheet measures 3 x 4. The images have some light marks. $20
SNAP-1387 SEVEN VIEWS. These small square snaps measure 3 x 3 each. The have varying states of fade and the one of the guy standing in the boat has a little bend at the upper left corner. It looks like they were at some kind of cottage on a dock. $125
A-162 DARLING BOY. Sure, he might look nice, but I bet he whacked at least one person with that cane. The ambro is a sixth plate and is in good condition. The tinting is good too. It comes in a whole care. $145
SNAP-1300 GIRLS IN THE GARDEN. This snapshot measures 2.75 x 3.75. It is in good condition with some light marks. $15
CC-951 WILDERNESS SETTING. This cabinet card has no ID. The image is in good condition. $45
SNAP-1288 SANTA MONICA. While there is no ID, the guy I bought it from thought that was the location. The cyanotype measures 3.5 x 3.5 and it is in good condition. $35
T-1026 TINTED GREENS AND BROWNS. This tintype is a half plate, measuring 4.5 x 6.75. The image is in good condition with some light marks, mostly visible at an angle. $85
SNAP-1285 FUN WITH A FRIEND. Each of these snaps measures 3.25 x 5.5. The images are in good condition with some light marks. Each is a self portrait; you can see the cords. The horizontal image is a double exposure. The photos are well-done. $110
CDV-1019 JAUNTY BOY. This CDV is by J.M. White in East Randolph, NY. The CDV is in good condition with some light marks. $25
OP-1268 SUMMER 1887. These images are glued back to back on a piece of cardboard measuring 7 x 5.75. The mount has a little loss to one of the corners. I'm assuming the 'Blazes!' is in reference to the cracks in the negative of the one image. I love the summer afternoon image as well. $105
T-1016 LOVELY PORTRAIT. This half plate tintype is very nice. It's super-sharp. You can see every wrinkle in his face. The tin has hardly a mark on it other than from a mat so I bet it was in a frame or case until very recently. $95
SNAP-896 SELF PORTRAITS. These snaps are in good condition with some mild fade. They are about 3.5 x 3.5. That line you see trailing to the guy's hand was to activate the shutter. $25
RPPC-1066 PET FAWN. This postcard is in good condition with some light marks. It looks a bit scared. $35
CC-950 SAN FRANCISCO GAL. This cabinet card is boudoir sized. The photo is in good condition with some wear at the bottom of the mount. Someone drew some long lashes on that kid. $85
A-158 OCTAGONAL PORTRAIT. This sixth plate ambrotype comes in a nice whole case. The image too is in nice condition with subtle tinting. It has great contrast. $135
SNAP-834 SQUIRMY KIDS. This snap has great tone. There are a few wrinkles, nothing major. $20
T-1083 UNUSUAL DRESS. It's an odd studio setting to boot with all those plants and the window. The tintype has some light scuffing and some black marks, probably from the coating, at the left. $65
OP-591 WHAT ROSES! I wonder if the colors are accurate? This image is 8x10 and has a few marks. $40
OP-590 SUPERB TINTING. Not only is this lovely image evenly tinted, but the color scheme works wonders. The look on her face is great. The 8 x 10 image has a few marks. $75
SNAP-1386 HAPPY FRIENDS. This snapshot measures 5.5 x 3.25 and is in good condition with some light marks and scuffs. $15
OP-1296 FUNNY SMILE. This photo comes in a folder that measures 4.75 x 6.75. The photo has some light marks. The backdrop is an interesting study in perspective. $32
T-1029 SCHOOL GIRLS. This tintype is in good condition. It comes in a sleeve, but I scanned it out of the sleeve so you could see the wacky background. $45
CC-1078 GRADUATION GIFTS. This cabinet card is in good condition with some light marks. The only ID is on the back, which tells us, "H.J. Ficken, artistic retoucher." $28
CDV-1039 UNKNOWN LOCATION. I'm thinking these CDVs are of a building on the Hudson. They are in nice condition with no ID. The clouds were a different negative than the building. $155