Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes
The Antechamber

New images posted Wednesday April 16. Make offers until 12 noon EST Friday April 18.

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OP-1290. TWO POSES. If you look closely, he's wearing a photo pin of a woman under his lapel. The sheet measures 3 x 4. The images have some light marks. $20

RPPC-1048. SOMEONE'S SWEETHEART. This postcard is in good condition with some light marks. $18
OP-1293. HAPPY EASTER. They really went all out. Each of these images measures 6 x 4.25. They are in good condition with some fade. It looks like Easter was April 15th in 1908. $75
CC-830. MASKED COUPLE. This is a fantastic image. Not only do they have masks on, but they're covering their faces with screens as well. The "women" each have a clock around their necks. The photo is by G.A. Alden of Springfield, MA. The image has some light marks. And Flavor Flav thought he was original! $225
OP-1289. FANTASTIC TINTING. This photo is 8 x 10 and is in good condition with some light marks. I'm not sure what they were all dressed up for, but the coloring is impressive. The silver tinting is unusual. $225
T-1017. AT THE "SHORE." Actually, they probably really were on the beach, in a photo tent. The image measures nearly 4.5 x 6.5 and is in good condition with some light marks. $95
RPPC-513. I'M NO HORTICULTURALIST... Is this a little lime or lemon tree? Do they have spines? I have no idea. It's a nice still life image though, with some light marks. $50
CC-949. UNUSUAL TINTING... For a cabinet card. It's done more like a tintype. The photographer was R.E. Atkinson of Troy, NY. The back notes Atkinson was an artist and photographer. The photo is in good condition with some light marks. $250
OP-1268. SUMMER 1887. These images are glued back to back on a piece of cardboard measuring 7 x 5.75. The mount has a little loss to one of the corners. I'm assuming the "Blazes!" is in reference to the cracks in the negative of the one image. I love the summer afternoon image as well. $135
CC-950. SAN FRANCISCO GAL. This cabinet card is boudoir sized. The photo is in good condition with some wear at the bottom of the mount. Someone drew some long lashes on that kid. $85
OP-1292. SHE LOOKS LIKE A SPY. This photobooth image is in good condition with some light marks. $24
A-151. A CHARACTER. I just had to buy this guy. He's got a great look. The ninth plate ambro comes in a serviceable plastic case and has some light marks. The discoloration on the right is less noticeable in person. $95
RPPC-1049. READING BY THE WINDOW. This postcard is in nice condition. $50
OP-1291. WHITE SHOES. I love this kid. The image measures 3.5 x 5 and the photo has some light marks. $125
A-146. MAIDS. This image comes in a case with a split spine. The sixth plate ambro is in good condition with a little bit of tarnish at the bottom. At least 3 of the girls wear aprons. It's difficult to tell with the one in the back left. $140
SNAP-1282. SORROW SHOT? This snap measures 2.75 x 3.5. The photo is in good condition. $35
CDV-1018. CHESTER AND ? These images have no photographer ID. They have some light marks and fade. $25
SNAP-1283. WEDDING PRESENTS? Usually when you see a diverse group of things like this, it's for some kind of event. The photo measures 3 x 4.75 and is in good condition. $18
CDV-1017. GUESS CAKE. I'm not sure what a Guess Cake is, but it looks very elaborate. The photo is in good condition with some light marks. The photographer was Archambault of Suncook, NH. $135