Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes
The Antechamber

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T-1044. FRIENDLY GAME. This tintype measures 4 x 6 and is in good condition. It has some light marks mostly visible at an angle. The image has a nice tone. $265

OP-1327. THREE EXPOSURES. This triptych is well done and unusual. He even found time to change. The image is 6.75 x 9. The image is mounted on a card and is in good condition with some light marks. $185
CDV-1043. HOLDING HER HAT. This CDV is by H. Lenthall, successor to Kilburn in London. The image is in good condition with some light marks. $30
CC-970. QUITE THE COSTUME! This card from Broadbent and Company of Philadelphia. The name Julia Biddle is penciled on the back. The photo is in good condition. $65
A-162. DARLING BOY. Sure, he might look nice, but I bet he whacked at least one person with that cane. The ambro is a sixth plate and is in good condition. The tinting is good too. It comes in a whole care. $195
SNAP-1322. WINDOW ON THE MOUNTAIN. This snap measures 2.5 x 4.5. The image has some marks, mostly visible at an angle. $40
T-815. OUT IN THE PARK. This tin is larger, 4 x 6.5 and in nice condition. The girls look like they d been out for a stroll with their chaperone. $65
CC-972. FOUR KIDS. I m always a fan of a paper backdrop that doesn t quite work. This card has no photographer ID. The image has some marks visible at an angle. $20
RPPC-1068. SISTERS. I guess the girls just didn t want to sit in that chair. The image is in good condition with a little dent in the card at the top center. $40
OP-1326. JACK-O-LANTERNS. This image is 10 x 6.75. The photo has some light marks, but it's a fun one. $40
A-161. BROTHERS. This sixth plate image comes in a half case. It is resealed and in good condition aside from a the dark spot on the one kid's face. They re certainly two serious kids. $225
CC-971. READY TO SWING. This card is in good condition with a few light marks. $40
SNAP-1323. LADIES AT THE CABIN. This snap measures 3.25 x 4.25. The image is in good condition with some light marks. The tinting is quite nice. $65
T-1043. MOTHER AND DAUGHTER. This tin is in good condition with some light marks. The mother seems to be holding a book open to a photograph. $35
RPPC-1067. WORKING BOAT. This image is in good condition. There is no ID on the back. The tinting is quite nice. $45
OP-1325. PAPER SAMPLE. Judging from the print quality, this might have been my choice for paper. The image is lovely and comes mounted on a light card that was probably in an advertising book. The page measures 6 x 9.25 and is in good condition. $110
CC-973. KISSING KIDS. This card is is nice condition but there is an area of fade at their feet. $125
T-1042. A LARGE EXPANSE. There certainly is a lot of room around this kid. The whole plate tintype is in good condition with light marks here and there and a faint outline probably made from a paper mat. The image has great contrast. $100
SNAP-1324. JUST RELAXING ON HIS FRIEND. This snap measures 3.5 x 5. The photo has a crease at the right margin and a few other light marks. $25
OP-1324. FRIENDS IN CLEVELAND. These photomatic photos are in nice condition. It was March 31, 1943. $50
RPPC-1069. SMALL STUDIO. This postcard is a bit dark, but I bet that's from trying to expose for the snow properly. I wonder if the woman in the doorway was a photographer? There is a display of photographs next to the door. Don t know what's up with the sheep though. $85
CC-974. HAPPY BOYS. This is definitely the most gleeful cabinet card I ve ever found. These kids are great. The image has some marks, but they don t really mar the image. $225
CW-698. GHOSTLY GROUP. This image is 12x10. The image is cropped a bit because it was a little too big for the scanner. The photographer was Mrs. L.M. Mitchell of Beverly, MA. The image has some silvering and light marks. The mount has minor edge wear. It's an odd shot for sure. $395