Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes
The Antechamber

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T-825. STERN WOMAN. I think she was probably a Quaker, as were some of the other people in the album I pulled these from. Each is from a different photographer, although I think the tins were made the same day in the same studio. One of the tintypists probably bought the other out. The CDV is by Moses of Trenton, NJ and it is trimmed with some light marks. The tins are in good condition but do have some surface crazing. $30

A-155. FRIENDS IN THE STUDIO. This sixth plate ambro comes in a case with a split spine. The image is in good condition. Their cheeks are lightly tinted. They are holding their hats in their laps. $145
RPPC-447. THE SAME BOY. Each one of these postcards is in fine condition. The lighting is just great. I think he must be eating a cookie in the one photo. He holds a doll and has his feet on a stuffed lion in another. $65
OP-375. PLAYING CARDS. They are all purposefully not looking at the camera. The image is 2.25 x 5.25 and has a few surface marks that are pretty meaningless. There is also that green spot, possibly ink. I like oblong format. $20
SNAP-754. FALLS. Is this Niagara? I really have no idea. I love the variety of border thought. These snaps are postcard size and in good condition. $25
T-517. EMMA OTTO SANBORN. This lovely image is by Trask and Marston of Philadelphia. $20
RPPC-518. BORED KID. He's got a little pipe in his mouth and a watch in his hand. His name was Richard Earle and he was 3 on 12/26/20. The photo has a few marks. $20
CC-363. ELIZABETH BAGLEY. I do like these collage images. This one is a good example and little Elizabeth was 2 years old at the time. The image has a bit of dirt on it and a few other marks. The mount has some wear in the lower right. $50
OP-790. SMILE. This is a nice calling card. It measures 4 x 2.5. $22
A-165. FANTASTIC TINTING. If you can believe it, I bought this sixth plate ambro loose with only the mat. While there are some scratches on the surface, I think it turned out well and I'm glad I could save it. It placed it in a whole case with a worn spine. The heavy scratch you see in the scan does not show up as much in person. $195
SNAP-642. BAGPIPER. This photo was most likely taken in Scotland. The image is 3.5 x 3.5 and mounted to a piece of card. The image is in nice condition. $20
T-346. THREE FRIENDS. This image was taken outside in front of a painted drop complete with leafy branches as added d cor. The men on the ends wear overalls. There are some light marks on the image, visible at an angle. $35
CC-698. BROTHERS. This Reading, PA photo has some very light marks. $14
OP-562. YOUNG SAILOR. This photobooth image double size. The image has some light marks and silvering. $15
CDV-577. SCHOOLGIRLS. This image has no identification. Although, I bet the school was a religious one given the angel statue in the middle. The image has some light marks and trimmed corners. $35
RPPC-533. SIBLINGS. I think the younger one is a boy, but I'm still not sure... The card is in good condition. $12
T-562. ARTFUL WRINKLE. It's all part of the dress design, I suppose. This image is in nice condition with just a few marks. $50
RPPC-923. BREAKING THE NEWS. This image was sent in 1906. It is in good condition with some minor edge fade. $45
CC-602. BLACK FOREST COSTUMES. According to the backs, both are Black Forest costumes, but I'm not sure. The man holds a large pipe and an umbrella and each has very bright tinting. The images have light marks. The one of the man identifies R. Rimprecht as the photographer. $45
SNAP-662. BLUE DOG. And a bowl of nuts...It's an odd composition for sure. This snap was toned blue for whatever reason. It's in good condition and measures 3.5 x 5. $65
T-421. WOMEN WITH DOG. And how teeny that dog is! It stared right at the camera though. Just above the striped parasol is a painted seagull, suggesting to us these ladies were at a beachfront studio. Good condition. $45
SNAP-69. SLEEPING BY THE FIRE. Actually, the guy is awake and looks like he wanted the photographic experience to be over with. The image was definitely taken at night though and is an unusual subject. $40
CC-556. PAULINE. I've had Pauline for quite a while. I've always liked her slight grin and the profile pose. The chair is pretty neat too. I don't know if she was an actress or society lady. Falk was a celebrity photographer... Excellent condition. $85
RPPC-957. GARY, INDIANA STRIKE MEETINGS. These postcards are in good condition with some light marks. Each was taken in East Park, but one was Sept. 21, 1919 and the other was on Oct. 6. $95