Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes
The Antechamber

New images posted Sept. 3. Offers begin immediately til 12 noon EST Sept. 5.

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T-1038. YOUNG FISHERMAN. At least, I think that's a fishing pole. The tin is in nice condition with a few light marks. The studio was outdoors and the tent and backdrop appear well-worn. $85

CDV-1040. CINCINNATI GENT. This CDV is by Hoag & Quick's of Cincinnati. The image has some light marks. $38
A-160. FATHER AND SON. This sixth plate ambrotype comes in an octagonal plastic case. The case has some loss in the bottom and a few chips. The image is in nice condition and their is light tinting on their cheeks. $135
OP-1317. WORKING MEN. They certainly are a rough bunch. The image measures 5 x 6. The image has some light marks and the upper left corner is broken off. The back lists their names and another hand says it was about 1903. $25
SNAP-1315. NICELY FRAMED. Each of these snaps measures 3.5 x 5.5. They are in good condition with some light marks. The youngest kid is studying a pocket watch. $40
T-1037. SMOKING CIGARS. This tin has some surface shmutz, visible at an angle. Oddly, there is a suitcase in the foreground. $22
RPPC-1063. J. HOWARD FLOWER AND FAMILY. J. Howard Flower was a poet from Hartland, VT. You can find out more about him on the web. He was a bit of a hippie of another age, it seems. The postcards of the family are in good condition and the one of him alone has some heavier marks, nothing too bad though. $95
OP-1316. NED AND EDWARD. This photo measures 5 x 6. It is in good condition with some light marks. The boy is in his Sunday best. $22
CDV-1039. UNKNOWN LOCATION. I'm thinking these CDVs are of a building on the Hudson. They are in nice condition with no ID. The clouds were a different negative than the building. $175
SNAP-1318. HANDSOME BASEBALLERS. This color snap is just lovely. The boys are cute, the colors sharp, and the mountains make for a cool backdrop. The image measures 3.5 x 5. It has some light marks. It was 1971. $35
T-1036. YOUNG COUPLE. This image is in good condition with some light marks. They've got some fun hats. $18
OP-1315. ADORABLE. Each of these larger photobooth images is quite lovely. The one of the boy wearing the yellow shirt is dated Tuesday September 2, 1952. The tinting is some of the best I've seen on photobooth images. $75
RPPC-1064. DRUNKEN CARD GAME. This postcard is in good condition. The women are wearing men's coats and hats. $40
CW-696. BOSTON GALS. This tintype is quarter plate size. The photographers were Holton & Robinson of Boston. The tin is in good condition and comes in a paper folder. $50
A-127. BY THE ROCKS. Each of these sixth plate English ambrotypes is lovely. They come in a fine double case. While they both have cover glass now, they probably did not at first. Thus, the one on the right has some scratches on the surface of the glass (not the emulsion side). These are visible at an angle and are not annoying at all. The are a lovely pair. $175
CDV-1038. SPOTTED FACE. I'm wondering what kind of illness the kid had. He olds a rattle. The image is by S.O. Hersey of Montpelier, VT. The image has some light marks. $45
SNAP-1316. FAMILY FUN. These snaps are 3.5 x 5.5. The images have some light marks and minor creasing. Supposedly the man was a gymnast. He's certainly very muscular. They were at Wildwood in September 1918. $20
RPPC-476. A SNAKE. This is a great portrait of a woman and her snake. She doesn't look at all nervous. The tinting is great here and the photo is in nice condition. $110
OP-882. TWO THOMASES. This image is a platinum print by Marshall. I'm not sure where he worked. The gentlemen were Thomas Mack and Thomas M. Claflin. The image has as few light marks and measures 5 x 7. $25
CW-697. A LIGHTHOUSE. It looks like the woman is chastising her man. This tin is CDV-sized and comes in a paper folder. It is in good condition. $65
RPPC-1065. DOUBLE EXPOSURE. It looks like the boy could be the same, even taken on the same day. The photo has some light soiling. $85
CDV-1041. LOVELY VIGNETTE. This CDV is by T.W. Spencer of Circleville, Ohio. The image has some light marks and soiling at the bottom. $24
SNAP-1317. AWKWARD EMBRACE. This snap measures 2.75 x 4.5. I love her dress. $45
CC-968. AL PHILLIPS. Each of these images is an imperial sized cabinet card. They have some light marks and soiling. Each is inked, telling us they were taken in 1890. The floor was added in the negative in the two images you can see it in. $55
OP-1314. ZEPPELIN 13. Each of these mounted snaps measures 6 x 7. They are in nice condition. You'll note that each of the women wears some kind of flying contraption on her head. Despite the German, the Zeppelin is bedecked with little US flags. I wish we could see the whole mural at the left. $150